Why I Won’t Make it Past Your Careers Page
LaToya Allen

LaToya! Thank you so much for writing this. It makes me feel less crazy. I recently graduated from a coding bootcamp and have been struggling with finding the places that I would really want to work. I currently work at an ad agency and am used to this party culture where the perks are never-ending opportunities to destroy one’s body with garbage food and alcohol. It’s this bullshit perk that isn’t really a perk when you are being asked to work 80–100 hours a week, have no work/life balance. It’s a trick. I have Crohn’s disease (finally in remission), but when I was battling my first and only flare so far, I felt so unbelievably isolated by this type of culture. I want connection and collaboration and creativity going on, and the freedom to work from home if my physical or mental self can’t handle all the people. I want flexibility and a company that doesn’t just hire women or black people or asians, and on and on, in order to say they are “diverse”. I want to see their inclusivity and how they build a culture of diversity…not just in people, but in thought too. I have been admittedly disheartened in my learning process and now in my job hunt. I have been told to just take whatever I can get for my first job, but I know better. I want to be thoughtful. I just canceled an interview after getting a sneak peak inside the day to day and it is exactly what you just described. Nothing but men, sweatshop style programming setup, guitar hero, ping pong, endless free snacks and alcohol. 
Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your posts and have enjoyed following you so far.