My Coding Journey Continues

It’s just after midnight, and I’m too excited to sleep.

In about 8 hours, I start my first day at Viking Code School, an online program that will teach me Web development and hopefully help me find a job doing it. I’ve already had to do some prep work beforehand, and I’ve already started learning. For example, I now know the difference between an instance method and a class method. (Obvious now, of course, but it wasn’t always.)

I’ll take my first step in this program tomorrow, but it feels like I’ve already walked for a hundred miles. I’ve always enjoyed writing little programs on my calculator or tiny choose-your-own-adventure stories, but until a couple years ago I’d never considered programming professionally. A series of online classes through Coursera and Udemy helped me learn and build up the courage to reach out to a coding community in my city, where I began to realize that the professionals that I admired started from the same logical building blocks that I was looking to expand upon.

I’m eagerly anticipating getting to know my fellow students. I haven’t spent much time actively programming with others yet, but I already know how much more I learn when I do. That’s also why I’ve started blogging; I wouldn’t have decided to take this path if I hadn’t read the stories of others before me, and the least I can do is recount my own experiences, however they turn out.

I’m setting myself a goal. Every day, in addition to everything else I’ll be learning, I’m going to try to figure out how to do one thing more efficiently. If I do, I’ll write about it here, even if it’s embarrassingly simple. I’m really looking forward to being able to go over my old code and laugh at the flaws, so I can see tangible improvement.

I’m off to get some rest now. After all, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life.