Want more moments of feeling the way you want to feel?

Make it happen! The importance of a seasonal check-in

Create space and time for yourself four times a year

Treat your seasonal check-in as self-care and as a non-negotiable event on your calendar. Decide what this will look like for you to determine how much time you need.

Get away to a distraction-free location

Someday, I will conduct a retreat like seasonal review in a hotel or resort with a view. But that does not work for my current season of life as a parent of a school-aged child.

Review and reflect

To move forward with action, look back first. Below is my process for you to adapt to your needs.

Intention: Meet Action.

After I review and reflect, I can make plans to move forward with action. At this point, I create a focus list document for the season. (I use Evernote for this.)

  • Play on a tennis team to feel deep connection and take care of my health.
  • Visit my parents over Memorial Day weekend to feel deep connection, free, and hygge.
  • Plan an anniversary getaway and a family vacation to feel deep connection and free.

Don’t repeat the process from scratch every season

As I repeat this ritual only four times a year, I worried that I would forget all the steps and questions to ask myself. To prevent this, I created a project template in Nozbe so that I can dive right in each season.

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