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Friendships are tested, new alliances are made, and the truth of one woman’s actions from over a millennia ago are revealed.

Kenna and Meegan are college students dealing with upcoming finals, needy parents, boy drama, and what to do with their lives after they graduate in a few weeks. What they weren’t expecting was for Kenna to receive a powerful crystal necklace that ultimately changes their plans for a relaxing summer.

Strange things begin to happen to Kenna, like being the only one who can see and talk to the mysterious old woman with a…

2020 Reading Recap + 2021 Goals

This year is finally coming to its end and I’ve been thinking about bigger reading goals for 2021.

For the 2020 Goodreads Reading Challenge, I made a goal of reading 24 books in 2020. It was my first ever reading challenge as an adult, and I wanted to make it something I was sure I could complete as a mom of two boys who really wanted to reignite her passion for reading. For a few months I was on fire, getting 6 or so books “ahead of schedule” but then there were periods of…

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