That Girl

So I’m new to this. I like to write but i usually don’t, for fear someone i know will find it and judge every word. My name’s Kelsey. I’m a college student and a sorotity girl. Reading that, you probably imagine me as some tan, thin, upbeat beauty with pearly white teeth anda vast collection of letter shirts. Well, you got the shirt part right. But as for the rest, i will never be that girl.

The girl guys push their way through crowds to meet. The girl every girl wants to be. Instead, im the girl guys come to, as a mediator or a wingman. Let me tell you, that shit gets old really quick. I wish i could be someone that people adored, but as strong of a personality as i am, i’m often forgotten and ignored. I’m not saying that i just strive for attention, espescially from guys, I’m just saying i wish i was the first person someone thought of every once in a while. I want to be the reason people smile, either in the present or just thinking back into the past.

Now i know i probably sound super whiny and really just stupid but i don’t care. I can pretty much guarentee there are other people who feel the same way. Like they fall into the wood work. Like they’ll never be good enough for anything, that’s me folks. So as i said before, im in a sorority. And yes, i’m very social, very friendly. And i do have good friends, even great friends, and i have amazing sisters. But what sucks about being in a sorority, is there will always be someone prettier, someone thinner, someone who’s more talented etc.. so it’s exhausting being the funny one sometimes. I wish for once, i could hear my sister tell me “you look really pretty today Kels,” or “wow, look at you!” but no, i get to hear how funny i am. Which don’t get me wrong, i love making people laugh, but sometimes, i just want someone to take the reins, or at least someone to tell me to shutup because i feel like I’m annoying everyone ALL THE TIME.

So i’l always be that girl. The kinda pretty funny friend with the below average looks and above average waist line. I guess it’s better being that girl than a complete nobody right?

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