Omarosa states that she supported Trump to help The Black Community

In an ABC interview with the show “20/20” Omarosa Manigault revealed that she has lost many friends due to her support for President-elect Trump. “I will never forget the people who turned their backs on me when all I was trying to do was help the black community. It’s been so incredibly hard,” said Manigault. During President-elect Trump campaign, Manigault was the director of African American outreach. Despite all insulting terms Trump has said about the #blacklivesmatter movement and Hispanics Manigault has been Trump largest defender. In my opinion her stating that “all she wanted to do was help the black community,” is Manigault playing the victim role. She states it as if it is everyone else fault for the reason why they feel they do and she is this innocent person who wanted to help poor helpless blacks. I believe after she made that comment she should have stated how President-elect trump would help the black community, how she wanted to help the black community, and what change she wanted to see. Her putting the blame on others for how they feel in my opinion in public relations is unfair. Also I believe she needs to work hard with building a relationship with the black community if she is pick to be on Trump administration.

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