Sipping on that tap water

In America the health care business is a bustling billion dollar industry. The industry racks up billions from Americans by insurance, doctor visits ,and of course we all can not forget prescription medications. However, in this country when it comes to protecting the environment, such as water and land, it’s looked over in this country. This has resulted in millions of Americans across the country with various health issues, resulting from the poor environment qualities. Research was conducted in Baltimore to study the water qualities in area. Disturbing findings was found in water. Methamphetamine and Amphetamine was found in the waters which are very common hard-core street drugs. The drugs effect the life organsims that live the bodies of water. Water treatement faclity plants are able to treat water but not every contaimnent found in tap. This is disturbing in my opinion for the millions of Americans who are effected by containments in tap water. The questions that begin to arise are long term effects of consistent exposure. Must we continue to remind everyone Flint,Michigan of what happen to those people for something to be done? Or do we have to wait for a youth fatality for people to fight for a change? Look like I will be drinking bottle water for a while. Walmart here I come.

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