The 18th

Hannah Elizabeth Oberbroeckling. Today you turn 18. I wanted to do something different for your birthday this year because 18 is kind of a big deal! I got you a gift that wasn’t my typical selection of a bag or perfume or jewelry or clothes, so I was feeling good about that but I wanted something more. A note in your birthday card is nice, but I thought a blog post about our wonderful relationship would be better.

I love my sister more than words can ever express. I don’t tell her nearly enough how much she means to me, but I hope she knows it. A little background before I tell you about how awesome my sister is. Hannah is two years and four months younger than me. When we were little, we fought a fair amount, but when she was in 6th grade and I was in 8th, we began to get closer. We were just the right age apart to do things together but also have our own plans (excellent family planning, Mom and Dad). When my sister entered high school, our relationship truly blossomed. We had both survived our awkward puberty stage (hers was YEARS shorter than mine and I’m still mad about it) and we were on a mission to have the best high school experience we could. Now I’m finishing up my second year in college and she will begin college herself this summer.

Hannah is my best friend. I’m so glad we get along so well because now we don’t have to worry about picking a maid of honor at our weddings down the road since we know we will be each other’s. We can talk about anything and everything forever. We have to limit ourselves when we talk on the phone as we have responsibilities besides staying up to date on each others lives from different parts of the state. I tell her about my crazy and not-so-crazy adventures in college and she keeps me up to date on the high school happenings and gossip. Now that we are in a “long-distance relationship” with me being away at school, when we are together it is the best thing ever. We can shoot each other a look and immediately know what we are thinking. We know what the other is talking about before she finishes the sentence. Our parents don’t understand all of the references we make, which makes our conversations that much funnier. My sister Hannah thinks she’s hilarious, and she kind of is. I don’t know how or why she’s just a funny gal that always has an entertaining story or joke to tell.

I recently realized that all of my favorite memories have been with my sister. I remember when we played “watch the scenery” game on our road trips and how much my sister hated it. I remember when we talked for hours about who knows what when we were visiting family in Fort Meyers. Every so often we had to get up and dance to make the motion activated night light turn on again. I remember when we sat together at closing circle at your first Kallah and had a holy moment. I remember when we were bored one Thanksgiving and we curled our hair and had a photo shoot thinking we were the prettiest girls on the planet. I remember the time our duet acting piece showcased at the district thespian competition and we were convinced we had “made it.” I remember when my sister came to FSU over St. Patrick’s Day and I took her out three nights in a row. All of my friends fell in love with her and couldn’t stop telling me how much they liked her. I feel so lucky that my sister is stuck with me forever.

I’d have to say that my sister and I are each others counselors and confidantes. We give each other the *best* advice even when we have no idea what we are talking about. Hannah is not afraid to tell it like it is. You will always know how she is feeling… she either loves it and it’s her favorite thing in the world, or she hates it and can’t stand it. There isn’t much of an in-between. Hannah is a great listener, which is hard to come by. She truly cares for those close to her and it shows in her thoughtful actions. My sister and I get mad at the same people, get angry with the same actions, and get annoyed by the same habits. So when we rant, we really rant about it. We feed off of each other’s feelings of wrath or sadness, which makes getting through life a heck of a lot easier. We also share the same happiness and values. We trust each others judgement and can talk about politics or social issue without worrying of differences. Heck, my sister and I look alike, act alike, and sound alike. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy 18th birthday Hannah. You make the lives of everyone you interact with better with your positive attitude and bright smile. You are spunky and beautiful I am immeasurably blessed to have you as a little sister. I cannot wait to see all you achieve in college and beyond, I know you will do big things. As your sister and your best friend, I will be there for you no matter what.

P.S I hope this wasn’t too sappy or like your standard Buzzfeed/Odyssey article about sister relationships I just really like my sister ok.

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