How Anticonformity Can Help You In Business

☕️ There’s so many expert opinions out there telling you that you HAVE to do certain things and that you absolutely cannot do other things.🐸

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💥 Newsflash 💥

You started your business to get more freedom and independence. You didn’t start your business to get bossed around and told what to do.

💥another newsflash 💥

⚡️you are not anybody’s bitch or minion and you have all the shit inside of you to rock your biz.

When you work with a good coach you will never feel like you need to compromise any component of your identity. A good coach pulls the amazing shit out from inside of you and shows you how to use it for good.

🍒 Don’t let anybody bully you into thinking you need to be any different than you are.

When you start listening to your intuition and embrace what it’s telling you, you’ll feel massive alignment and happiness. Because when you start rocking shit you’re absolutely comfortable with rocking, you’re going to exude a vibe so high and bright people won’t be able to help but notice.

THAT will attract more people than any marketing scheme.

— moral of the story:

Be you. Listen to your intuition.

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