D (earlier this year)

And it comes in my head and then I want to. I want to.

And I want to.

And I want to.

And I have to get up

And I hear how it feels

I hear how it feels

I hear how it feels

I hear how it feels

And I see how it feels when I do that.

I see how it feels when I feel and when I express what I feel.

And when it comes how and I feel how it comes out and I am seeing how it comes out and then it comes out more and there is more. I can hear it in my head I can hear how my head feels and I know that I need to move to go out to go.

If I could give the feeling to you and let you see how I see and feel how I feel

And know inside that it is me that I am me

That there isn’t any other way but to go into it

To go see it

And to see that what I wanted was there

And I am here and I am listening

And I am seeing I am seeing

I am seeing

I can express how I want to

How do I want to see it

Can you explain to me

The way you see


Because I can’t see how you see

And when I see how I see

There I am

So now we are walking

And I am hearing your steps

And you can hear mine

And here we go

Because it is so…

To hear your steps

By my steps

And I am listening for me and it starts to blend with you

So I listen for me again and I hear your steps

I hear your steps again

And then I am going.

I am going.

So can we go together?

I can’t hear you

I keep trying to hear you

I keep trying to hear you

And there is no right way

So I can go right

I can do it however I want

And I can make it all happen however I want to

I can make everything happen however I want to

So I am stepping

And now I am stepping and I hear you

But I hear me

And I hear me

And I don’t need to hold your hand

I feel your hand

Its close to my hand.

So i can take away all that comes out and what is left what is left

That is what is here

And here I am and I am stepping over all of your things and we are at the place that i can’t remember what it is called and I can’t remember what to call you but I know that you are here with me

And there is laughter and it is so close

I see that it is all so close and when I wait and listen I can hear it all and it feels like it is grabbing me

And I remember that I have to listen to me and the pulse and that is the answer that there isn’t any other answers but that

So I’ll move forward and then I will see what I am looking for

What are you doing?

You say

Where are you going?

You say

Open it up and you’ll feel it pull through

I’ll grab your hand and take you.

See me

I see you

And We’ll walk…forward

And again and again I told you I’d wait for you

You didn’t listen

Or maybe you did

Sun is in my eyes

And I’m laying with you

Im holding you


Your holding me

And your touching my head


Feeling the skin

Your feeling my skin…slowly, and my hair

Your feeling into my head

And your feeling all of it

Your looking at me. In the eyes.

And I’m saying in my head

This is it

This is it

This is it

Do you feel it?

In the trees

The sun

The colors

And your face

And your smile

And eyes.

There is a smile in your eyes

And you hold my eyes

And I’m feeling in it

And your seeing in me

And then your hand moves to my stomach

And you hold it there

And I am warm

And I feel it

I feel it inside

And I’m heating up

If I waited a little longer

Could I make this stay?

Would I have to write this down?

Would I have to ask your permission?

Would you have to burn my photos?

And I see you again

And your holding my head

And your eyes are smiling

And I’ll remember this

When we are yelling at each other

And I’m telling you

You never loved me

And your saying.

I always loved you.