You/Me thought you knew/Me

First Movement:

And I am waiting

I am sitting there and I am waiting

And I hear the light

I hear it

I feel it

And it buzzes and I know I know right then I know right then

And then I get up and I touch it

And it touches me

And grabs me and shocks me

With shocks

I feel it

And I see that it feels like me


And I see that I feel like it feels


And I feel the chair

Its blue

It squishes under my heel


It moves

And I think did I hurt it?

And I think that it feels

It feels me


And it is holding me

An the light is holding me

And all the things I thought didn’t care

They are all holding me

And they think I am holding them

We are holding each other

And I lay my hand on the light and feel the chair

*And I hear their hearts

And I hear their thoughts and I hear my thoughts and I don’t think

I don’t’ have time

No there is time

And I am waiting on time

And I am in time

And it is in time with me

And I hear it whispering

It is saying

Come Kelsey

Come Kelsey

Lay with me

*And I am saying I am saying I am saying

I am looking at the light

And my hand is under it

Feeling it

Little prickles

Little prickles

Little prickles

It stings

And pricks

And it has little hands

And I say I am laying with you

And the light smiles

And the chair smiles

And it holds my feet

Second Movement:

And when I thought that I had to feel bad

But the sound

It was the sound

The piano

The voice

It was the sound

And I heard it in my heart

And I felt it

I felt you

I felt you

And I felt me

And I looked and I wanted to be in your eyes inside your eyes

And I wanted to go deep in

And I heard them

Singing in the back

And I didn’t doubt it

But I knew that I wanted to know that I was enough


And they must have been there

They must have

I remember

I remember

They were with me

And I knew they were there

And they played

They played with me

And I wanted to be accepted

To hear yes that is good

And then to know I was loved

And she said

No Kelsey

That’s not right

And I said it has to be right

Doesn’t it

And I knew because I felt it

I felt it

No its not enough

And when I walked forward and I stepped into the room

And you told me you are tearing a wound

And I hear it

The cloud the soft dark

And felt it on my back

The fingers

The sweat

The thong

The feeling in my vagina

More than that

The deep the tease

The feeling

The feeling the feeling

And it heats up

And i want it more

And then I am there and I am on my knees

And I want to sound it out

Because this isn’t it yet

And I heard you when you told me that you weren’t


And I heard you when you told me you moved on

And I heard you when you told me Kelsey you need to love yourself

And I heard you when you said suck my dick

And I heard you when you said you don’t have to

And I saw me

And I saw her

And I saw her

And I saw me

And I felt me

And I felt who that was

The cum on my bra, in my bra, on my boobs.


And still looking for the right away to say it

To feel it

I felt it.

And if you could hear me

If I could hear me

What would I have said

Would I have said no

Would I have said

This isn’t what I want

Would I have said I am creating this

I am creating this

I am doing this

Would I have said that this is me

That they are me

And that we are doing this for each other

Would I have said let me be a slut

Would I have said that is what I do want

Would I have said hey Jeff

Hey Jeff

Write to me again and tell me you won’t go anywhere

Make another promise

Make another promise

To get to know me all over again

And I would say okay Jeff

Okay Jeff

I love you

And I will always love you

And there is so much under all that

And I want to show it to you

I want to show you what is under

What is in my heart

What is in my feelings. In my whole body and I want you to feel it

And I want you to know that I really mean it

And walk in it

And soak in it

And tell me that dream again when its me and you and the world is blown up and its just me and you and you say you will never love anyone like me ever again

And I say I say I say

You probably will

And I feel that you won’t

And that I might not

And that we are here

We are here

We are here

And I hear you

And you want me

And that is what I wanted to be wanted