Sister, Sister

Most newlyweds will get married, settle down and then wait a few years to have a child. Once that child is grown, say 3 or 4 years old, the parents consider having another child and then more to come. This is not at all the case for my family when it came to children. I am the oldest of four children. I am, (Kelsey), 21, Kalee, 20, Michael, 16 and Macey is 13. Growing up, there was always someone to play with. It was never boring.

The Petron Fam

However, as you can see above, my sister Kalee and I are only 14 months apart. My parents wasted no time at all and jumped right into kid #2 and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Since Kalee and I are so close in age, she is my absolute best friend and partner in crime. We were/still are inseparable. People always ask us if we are twins and we just laugh and say “pretty much…” We have always done everything together but somehow stayed independent and total opposites.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Michael and Macey just as equally as Kalee, but there has always been a closer bond since we are so close in age. We tell each other just about everything. She is my go to person and I am hers. We push each other in everything using tough love and sometimes some harsh language. Some people have asked me in the past, “Doesn’t it suck having a sister that is so close in age to you? You guys have to share everything and do everything together.” I find it so funny that someone could ask me such a ridiculous question. Why wouldn’t you want someone there through everything? We have a blast and there’s never a dull moment.

We grew up playing volleyball, basketball and softball together. We would drive to open gyms together and play one on one. This was mainly Kalee kicking my butt and blowing right past me but I take some of the credit for her athletic ability. There was always someone to play catch with. We’d pitch to each other and push each other until we couldn't go any longer. It was really fun being able to see each other fail or succeed and tell each other, “Hey, we have to keep going. Don’t give up.” If we get really down to it, I guess you could compare it to a life coach.

“Do you guys ever fight?”

Kalee squishing me to death

Yes, we do fight, frequently actually. But it’s a “healthy” fight. We have someone who we can take out our anger on that will be there after the smoke clears. If we didn't have each other to fight with, we would probably be fighting with people who wouldn't be so understanding about it. When we were younger, aka when I was taller than Kalee, we would have physical fights that would always end up us laughing so hard that we’d just give up. Sometimes it was almost just fun to fight and take out anger out on someone. I remember one fight we had where Kalee literally dragged me by my ponytail across the living room floor to the door. I couldn't imagine being an outsider watching it. But now times have changed and she’s gotten taller than me, and I tend to stray away from the physically fighting, knowing I will, without a doubt, get my butt kicked.

Growing up with a sister so close in age resulted in many things. The main thing is I could always depend on someone to be honest with me. Whether this was my new haircut, the outfit I was wearing or a bad decision I was about to make, she has always been there to set me straight. We keep each other grounded when life gets hectic. It is nice to have someone telling you “Hey, get it together, Kelsey.”

I would have to say another major “biggie” growing up was sharing. I don’t think we really had our own things and when we did, they were matching. But like I said, we are opposites, so if I had the shirt in pink, you could bet that hers was in blue. One of my distinctive memories of growing up with Kalee is playing Barbie dolls with her in our loft. We would spend hours up there building houses, picking Barbie’s clothes out and picking who got the best cars. There would be disputes over who got what, but it was a good way for us to figure out that we need to share and the world doesn't revolve around me. But those times in our loft were like we were in our own little world and no one could interrupt it. Looking back, I cannot believe how much we played up there and all the crazy stuff we would make up and pretend was real. It is comforting knowing I have someone that was there for me when I was 5 and will be there when I am 95.

We not only shared the material items but we shared laughs, we shared the trouble when our would parents find out, we shared conversations without words, and we shared everything. I couldn't imagine life without her. I know through the struggles of life and the milestones of life, I’ll always have someone there pushing me and supporting me to do my best. I cannot wait to share the rest of our lives together and see where it takes us not only together but individually. I wish her the most happiness and the best is yet to come! I am just thankful she has put up with me all these years.

Love you sissy!
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