Bingo with a budget…

Tonight was a PTO bingo night at kiddos school. We went in with $8 and let kiddo play we got five tickets at $1 each, two raffles at $1 each and a craft table ticket at $1. There were five rounds of bingo each family could win one turkey or ham after that they could pick a side each time they won. Also kids were allowed to pick two books each win. It was very fun and exciting.

Round one and two we didn’t get anything, I began to lose hope that ham or turkey was well out of reach, those two rounds were the only ones I planned on playing, handed kiddo the stack and let him play the last three and we won. Hmm beginners luck or not while i listened to the numbers being called I happened to notice my son praying, the number was called and low and behold it’s our number. Well we heard bingos all around us and each time he prayed another number was called, I then said kiddo you got it look call it out “Bingo!! Bingo!!” he called with such excitement and he was happy to have gotten that so he received his first books and got us a ham. This was a proud mom moment.

PHOTOS BY Kelsey Slaughter

In between games they had santa jokes and had santa there for the kids. Kiddo of course told him that he wanted a deck of pokemon cards and six nutcrackers for Christmas, I have no idea why he wants six nutcrackers.

The picture frame is what kiddo made at the craft table.

As the games were finished there was a mother sitting beside us who didn’t know anything about us she looked at my kiddo and I told him he did great as he showed off his books to anyone nearby. She then handed us canned food, corn, green beans, yams, cream of mushroom that her and her family kept winning. Needless to say we came home with enough food for a Christmas dinner for the two of us.

Well it was time for them to call out the winners for the raffle kiddo holding one ticket me holding another. We looked at our numbers wishing for a win. Nope. Not happening tonight, kiddo was very calm considering because he really wanted to win. I reassured him that he did win when we played bingo. With a smile on his face we bagged our wins and began to walk out of the gym. He got way ahead of me which scared me but I went outside and before I could freak out that he was not easy to spot in the dark, there was my handsome kiddo holding the door for everyone.

It has been an amazing night. One that is rare to happen since I’m broke most of the time and require rides to and from places nowadays.

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday!

Single mom signing out.