Iberian Adventure and Nachos? Hunh?

This is an exciting FIRST EVER Nachos of the World guest post. Rebecca, COO of Volunteers of America Oregon (where I work), traveled to Spain and Portugal just to do a nacho review for me. Just kidding. But she did offer to add it to her itinerary and of course I said yes! Enjoy this delicious nacho review from Madrid, Spain, courtesy of Rebecca and her boyfriend. Thank you, Rebecca!

“My boyfriend Matt and I had been planning and daydreaming for our ultimate Iberian Adventure to Portugal and Spain for nearly two years. Thoughts of tapas and Vinho Verde danced in our heads. And on the day we landed in Lisbon we began eating like Kings and Queens. In Portugal seafood dishes, fresh, fresh seafood, like grilled sardines were the main attraction. And yes, washed down with Vinho Verde. And then in Spain we hit the tapas hard — very hard. In Seville and Granada all we ate were tasty little treasures like, stuffed olives, jamon on bread, figs and cheese, potatas bravas, garlic shrimp, and on and on and on. And then we landed in Madrid and we were quite frankly a little tapas’d-out. A burger might be good. A slice of pizza would be a nice change. Such typical Americans. And then there it was around the corner from our guest house — Munchies — a hot dog and nacho joint that could replenish our American culinary hearts and souls. It was a U.S.-style junk food oasis.

So how were the nachos? Divine for a place where I think most people would not know a nacho from a taco — this is not their native nor acquired cuisine, I don’t think. By tough American nacho standards they were adequate at best. A “B minus” or maybe more like a “C” for anyone who is serious about Nachos. I ordered the #3: Pollo, Guacamole, pico de gallo y queso. Store bought chips, some warm (not hot) cheese spread, shredded chicken, standard pico de gallo and a very odd guacamole that was more tomatoes and onions than avocados. But when I took the first bite of the gooey cheese spread goop on salty tortilla chips with a little bit of guac and pico atop a pile of shredded chicken — it was heaven. We each had a hot dog and a Coke too. A little reminder of home. And then we were back on Spanish tapas, churros con chocolat, and nightlife and the Prado museum and all things brilliant and special and native to Madrid. It was a trip Matt and I will never forget and Munchies was a welcome stop along the way.” — Rebecca

Have you had awesome nachos in Madrid, Spain? Want to write a guest post from anywhere in the world? Comment below!

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