Poblano Pepper (at Base Camp Brewing)

Surprise nacho review! Surprise nachos are the best, usually. Yesterday I met up with some fab ladies from the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Portland (most of us founding board members) for a happy hour reunion at Base Camp Brewing. Upon my arrival, Meg had ordered us nachos from the adjoining food cart, Poblano Pepper. My friends know me too well. So naturally we decided to do an impromptu nacho review with Meg and Kate as the nacho novices.

This was my first visit to Base Camp. I’m not a big beer drinker so I assumed they’d have nothing for me. They also don’t serve food, but you can order from two food carts next door and they’ll bring the food to you in the bar. I found I enjoyed the space but we didn’t realize Monday night was trivia so it got loud and crowded around 7 pm. Mondays are all day happy hour, though! I ordered the sour plum beer which was delicious. I do like sour beers. This would probably be a top bar for beer lovers. And then came the nachos…

Look at that un-melted cheese! *Insert screaming emoji here.*

The Verdict:

Nacho Expert (That’s me, obviously): While all nachos are good, these definitely disappointed. First off, there were not nearly enough toppings. Look at the photo as evidence of all the naked chips. Also, much of the cheese was not even melted! Whoa. I liked the refried beans, of course, and a big plus for the jalapenos. These were some of the best jalapenos. Really big, lots of them, and even had some pickled carrots. But given the un-melted cheese and lack of toppings, I can’t in good faith give these nachos a very high score.

Also, Meg bought the nachos (Thanks, Meg!), so I can’t complain about the price. But I checked and they cost $8. Definitely not worth that price. Sorry!

Official score on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = Horrible, but better than no nachos at all. 10 = Holy Shit, my life is complete.): 3/10

Nacho Novice (Meg and Kate): Kelsey speaking, “Since this was an unexpected review, Meg and Kate didn’t do an official write up. So I’ll recap their thoughts best I can. We were all in agreement that the nachos lacked in toppings, and Meg was the one to alert me to the un-melted cheese. Good eye! Kate and Meg weren’t very impressed with these nachos overall.”

Novice score on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = Horrible, but better than no nachos at all. 10 = Holy Shit, my life is complete.): 4 or 5/10

X-rated close-up of naked chips

Have you had Poblano Pepper’s nachos? What are your thoughts? Want to be the next Nacho Novice? Comment below!