What I learned from the ‘Blossom’ series finale by Courtney Soliday

Courtney is Brand Ambassador for @BUILDseriesNYC and a pop culture fan.

On Friday, I was treated to a screening of the Blossom series finale by Vanessa Bayer and Jonah Bayer. Vanessa had recently binged the series on “Hub Network,” now “Discovery Family.”

The Episode: The finale was full of goodbyes, most prominently featured was the goodbye between Blossom and her childhood home. Her dad was moving into a new home to symbolize starting a new beginning with his lover who was not Blossom’s mom. Being the trendsetting millennial she is, Blossom shared a vlog she made of herself throughout different stages of her life. Blossom was talking to a video camera (not laptop). The episode ended with Blossom and her father saying goodbye to each other (“it was great being your daughter” “it was great being your father”). Vanessa couldn’t believe “somebody didn’t flag” this awkward TV goodbye.

BTS Gossip: Blossom and Seinfeld had an agreement in which each show would mention the other twice. Blossom filmed each episode twice, in front of an earlier audience and a later audience. The most exciting guest star was Alf.

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