A Society group may be coming to a city near you

Two years ago Laurie Graham started a book club out of her home in Los Angeles, California. It was a typical book club, based off of the book “Appointed.” The book was written by the founder of The Blush Network, Autumn Miles.

After the book club ended, Graham felt the Lord was telling her to continue having meetings.

“When I came to Autumn and the team and told them we should have this group in a house once a month. We talked about it and they said they had always wanted to have ‘Blush in a box’ but they never had someone to facilitate it. Here I was coming to them and saying this is a great need especially in the Los Angeles area, and so we started it,” Graham said.

Out of Graham’s simple book club, The Blush Network’s Society groups were formed.

The groups now meet all over the country with four in the Los Angeles area and 16 groups in other states. The goal of the groups is to provide a safe environment for women to dig deeper into their relationships with God, and to invite women that aren’t comfortable attending church. The women that attend the groups come from various different churches and walks of life.

For Alora Franco, a Society group attendee, those different viewpoints can be eye opening.

“It kind of gives you different perspectives because churches have different doctrines and different ways of dealing with things. So it kind of opens your eyes and opens your mind. You know, maybe I’m in a bubble, maybe let’s expand the bubble a little bit bigger,” Franco said.

“To spiritually challenge the way women think” is the motto of The Blush Network, a women’s ministry out of Dallas, Texas. The ministry that started off by doing conferences across the country has begun to take its ministry further and deeper through the Society groups. That motto is something that they carry into the Society groups that they host.

“The church can’t reach every single person, they just can’t. That’s why big churches have small groups, they want everyone to be connected. So the fact that we are supportive of all of the local churches and that we are encouraging all of the girls that attend to get plugged into a church, I feel like that is how we are supporting them. And if there are any additional resources needed, that’s what we’re here for,” Graham said.

With that being said, Society groups strongly encourage the women in their groups to get plugged into a local church.

“We always are pointing people back to the church. We love the church. We are a parachurch organization,” Graham said. “Autumn speaks at churches all across the world and so when somebody comes to our group and they don’t have a church, the amazing thing is at any given Society group there are at least five to 10 women there that belong to a church.”

The Society groups that meet today are based off of the four main pillars that take place in every group each month- friendship, worship, word, and prayer. The main thing that Society provides is a safe place for women to grow.

“We need to be challenged in our word, we need to hold each other accountable, we need to encourage and speak life over each other, so I feel like that is the most important thing, to really spiritually challenge the way we think,” Graham said.

The goal of Society groups is to eventually impact entire cities with the love of Jesus. Still in the beginning stages though, they are seeing individual lives transformed.

“There was a woman that had just filed for a divorce and she was really seeking guidance. She was looking for other people to get her answers, and in our group we were able to point her back to God’s word. What does God say? And as of today her marriage has been reconciled, and she has a baby girl,” Graham said. “There is a real source of restoration and healing within the group because our foundation is God’s word, not our opinion. We can share our experiences, what God has done with us, but the foundation is always God’s word.”

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