Trump. The current president and almost daily headline story on major newspapers. Where do we begin with him? I can not say I hate him, frankly because I am still a good bit underage and I have about $7 saved up to move to another country. Now you’re probably all thinking, oh she’s just a kid what does she know? Why should i listen/take her opinions seriously? Well if you’re thinking that I am sorry, but unlike most “kids” my age, I listen. I have given Trump a chance to get to me and say what he needs to say via Twitter, public speaking, and other social media networks I own. I have listened, carefully may I add, and all I have to say is wow. The month or so I have given him to get his word out over everything he’s doing or wants to do, he has proven to me the reason I didn't like him in the first place.

I had no problem with his orders until what I can remember, was day 6 of his presidency. If you aren’t sure what he did that day I will inform you. Day 6 was the day he instructed the Department of Homeland Security to go ahead and commence the immediate construction of the 1,900 mile long wall. It is federally funded (with whatever is left at least). Listen Trump, if you things shovels are banned in Mexico then you are very wrong sir. I get you think it is only Mexicans who are stealing our jobs but its not. It’s also people from other countries.

  • DISCLAIMER* I am not trying to say all of his orders are wrong on this next part but I think they are rude and they are very dumb things he’s executed on day 7.

Anyways, day 7 my friends, oh dear day 7. The day of the “Muslim-ban.” Trump banned refugees from entering America for 120 days and Muslim-majority countries for 3 months. So does no one care places like Syria are being bombed by their own government? Parents just want their kids to be safe and to live an okay life, in their opinion America is the Monte Cristo for them.

Rolling it back a little to day 3 when Trump reinstates a policy that basically restricts US funding to places that provide abortions. If he thinks that will stop women from getting abortions then he is very wrong. Lets see, I believe he executed the hiring freeze as well on day 3? That basically stops any hiring to federal workers. I thought he was trying to create jobs not stop opportunities for new ones?

Now on to day 4, probably the day I was dreading the most. The Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone XL Pipelines. Two of the worst pipelines to build or get working. If you want to know why they are so bad just ask Google I can’t get into that in this article.

That is all I will be covering today but there’s always tomorrow. In tomorrows article I will be writing about the Dakota Access Pipeline. I hope you enjoyed and you can always get back to me for more information or feedback on any article of mine.