How To Read a City

When I first moved to New York City, walking around, I couldn’t help but look up. I’ve always believed that you can tell a lot about a city by it’s architecture — and the buildings left me breathless.

Now I’ve been living here for 9 months.

And more importantly I’ve begun working on a project about shoes.

You see, I’m currently fascinated by the meanings of objects and their relationship to ideas.

And I’ve found the topic of shoes to be abundant in both psychology and lore as a symbol of individuation — that is, self-expression and personal growth. Few objects work so functionally and expressively in tandem, and I believe this is what grants their narrative it’s power.

Today when I walk the city, I’m always looking down. Watching the shoes of the beautiful diversity and rich culture of the people that walk, work, fight, love, live, and thrive here.

In the past, I’ve always believed that you could tell a lot about a city by it’s architecture. But today, I believe you can tell the most about a city by it’s shoes.

And by the soles of the people who make the city come to life.