It isn’t always easy getting from 2 to 3

Hey all. I usually try to keep things fairly light on social media, steering clear of anything too heavy or personaI, but I feel this needs to be said:

As is pretty obvious by now, Ray and I are incredibly head over heels in love with our little baby, Clyde. The past five and a half weeks have been both exhausting and amazing and we are beyond excited to watch our little one grow.

What most people do not know, however, is that Clyde did not come easy.

Due to unknown fertility issues, conceiving our little miracle was a process nearly three years in the making. The sheer number of pregnancy tests I took, crossing my fingers for two pink lines, is actually embarrassing (I started Amazon-Priming those strips). By the time we finally went to a fertility specialist, after two previous doctors and two years of failure, I was already nearing my wit’s end. Each heart-wrenching query as to when we were going to start having kids made my stomach drop to the floor. Breaking down into tears (yet desperately trying to hide them) became a common occurrence.

Ultimately, I felt like a had failed somehow. I was mortified and ashamed.

In the end, after all the doctors, appointments, diet and activity changes, tests, hormones, questions, doubts, prayers, tears, it took a second IUI procedure to do the trick.

We got our miracle.

I am putting this out there now because going through it in secrecy (even with Ray’s amazing support) was painful. Infertility is still a taboo subject and feeling like I couldn’t/shouldn’t tell most people made a horrendously-difficult experience even worse. I know this won’t change overnight, but I do hope that by revealing the truth of my pregnancy here I might help in a small way.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about Ray’s and my journey to Clyde or are going through a similar experience. Talking about it does help. And please, please, PLEASE think twice before asking any couple about their family plans.

Love to all

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