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Getting weigh-in from our present and future selves.

For the third month of my year-long decision-making challenge I experimented with a simple — though what I hoped would be impactful — decision-making tactic created by author Suzy Welch.

Welch’s 10–10–10 framework builds perspective and reflection into the decision-making process so we can make better and more fulfilling choices.

How it works is straightforward. For each of the possible choices you have in front of you, 10–10–10 asks you to imagine the outcome in:

10 minutes
10 months
10 years

By considering the possible consequences of our actions in the broader scheme of our lives — both today — and in the future, 10–10–10 allows us to move past the short-term emotion that can be a stumbling block in clear-headed decision-making.

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Can taking intentional time out help us make better decisions?

For month two of my personal quest to make better and more fulfilling decisions, I turned my attention to the concept of decision fatigue.

Coined by social psychologist Roy F. Baumeister, decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by a person after a long session of decision-making. If you feel like your decision-making worsens as the day progresses, this is exactly what research confirms.

One of the most famous studies looked at over 1,000 judicial rulings and found that what bore the greatest influence on whether a prisoner was granted parole — more than the criminal’s ethnic background, severity or type of crime— was the time of day the parole appeal was heard. Parole was granted about 70% of the time to those prisoners who appeared early in the morning, and only about 10% of the time to those who appeared later in the day. …

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Using self-knowledge to make better and more fulfilling decisions

June marked the first month of my year-long journey to make better and more fulfilling decisions. If you missed the backstory on this “decision-making challenge” that I have embarked on, you can read about it here.

In taking a closer look at the different tools and frameworks for making decisions, as well as the personal choices that have served me best, it quickly became clear that a key component of better decision-making is being tapped into what our values and priorities are, and where we’re headed in life.

That’s why I decided to dedicate the month of June to improving and emphasizing self-knowledge, and using this knowledge as a guidepost in my daily decisions. …


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