Lors de mon arrivée chez Agicap, aucun·e Product designer n’avait touché au produit. Tout le design de l’application était basé sur Material Design.
De plus, il n’y avait aucun fichier design afin d’itérer rapidement sur les fonctionnalités sur lesquels nous travaillions au produit :

  • soit on faisait des screenshots de l’app (avec du bidouillage dans Figma),
  • soit on faisait les modifications HTML/CSS directement dans l’inspecteur du navigateur…

Sans oublier, que de nombreux éléments de l’application n’étaient pas consistants : nous avions 4 type d’input, 3 types de boutons primary, 3 types de radio buttons…

Les besoins d’apporter de la consistence…

Lead Product Designer • From Sep 2017 to Feb 2018 • London, UK

  • Drove product vision to a user-centered solution based on user interviews and data analysis.
  • Set up data analytics across our solutions to complete the lean cycle.
  • Created a design system based on design principles and accessibility.
  • Built mockups, prototypes, assets and motions for our services on all touch points (iOS, Android, responsive web).

Here are some prototypes I’ve been working on:

Senior Product Designer • From May 2015 to Aug 2017 • Remote

• Drove product vision from a developer’s solution to a consumer solution by promoting user interviews and user workshops within the lean process
• Created brand style guide based on design principles and accessibility
• Built wireframes, mockups, prototypes and assets for our platform and applications
• Implemented consistent design across all platforms (iOS, Android, responsive web)
• Successfully convinced investors on the new design vision and process going forward

Cozy Files

Product Designer • From April 2014 to May 2015 • Rouen, France

  • Designed, prototyped and implemented the product based on user insights

Bunkr has been acquired by Synthesio on December 2016

Head of Product & Co-Founder • From 2010 to 2014 • Shanghai, China

• Software UX/UI design, frontend development and product development
• Droving business strategy and solution

Skimbl has been acquired by Chope on December 2014.

Here are a few examples of projects I worked on in the past:



It was a mobile application providing deals on local venues.

Over the years, people have forgotten how to present their ideas. Presentation companies have been focusing on implementing more effects that will keep you using their tool for hours, which ends up depriving your presentation from actual information. This is why we at Bunkr have been focusing on modifying our product to better reflect with our values.

Always Connected

Despite it being 2015, most presentation tools don’t realize how important real time data is to presenters. To present data, analytics, tweets, etc. most presenters have to attach screenshots, which may not even be up-to-date, to their audience. We at Bunkr not only…

Luc Chaffard

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