My first week on medium

of actual publishing and why I’ll be writing here for a good time to come

I turned twenty three about two weeks ago and three days later I finally had my mind convinced on starting to publish on medium.

My account had been one of those “I’m just here for the cool posts I can recommend to the entirety of my 6 followers”- no posts of my own. I knew I was here to start writing for my blog (yet to be set up) but my muse settled in on simply soaking up the cool thoughts from others.
At first it was just human parts and the editors’ pick, then life learning and coffeelicious happened. My one week to get comfortable around became five months of reading and seeking new publications I fancied.

Never posting just highlighting, leaving comments and piling up the sticky notes that cover most of my desktop.
I tend to believe that, good vibrations are what I need to see every time I prop up my laptop screen. By the time I’m done moving the sticky notes to reach an overdue assignment, I’m often convinced that life will just be okay.

Veon’s taking stock series tends to show up here often, go check it out and try figure out why.

So three days after being reminded that I’m growing old at a fully packed concert, a friend pointed out that I need to have more fun. She said birthdays are like funerals- about you but not for you really. They are for your people, those who remember to show up, heard word of it or have Facebook event notifications — I personally cannot picture having my friends reply to the Facebook event’s “join” or “maybe” buttons on my funeral invite.

(When I do die my ghost will return to press that ignore button for y’all who won’t share the blog — more reason to recommend this post ☺)

Fun, however, cannot be an annual thing.
I’m sure some wise guru some place is about to highlight that then fist bump his llama or whatever it is that wise Gurus and sensei use.

Fun for me is an experience that long extends after the moment actually passes.
You carry the grin with you and can relive that moment at will, sometimes.
You cannot tell how many hands you’ve held,
but you can tell the times when you held someone’s hand and actually felt the way they hold their coffee cup safe and close enough to stay warm longer, if it helps.
You pass it on like flyers to people you meet and ask them to bookmark dates, invite a friend and come for the experience.
You learn to accept that you are still a small boy in a big city and need to spend more time living in the present,
jumping off a few cliffs and learning to rise again.
Learning to love more people less broken than you are, so that you know how it feels to be fixed too.
Nostalgia is what you get for the times you can’t take the experience with you.
Fun needs to be felt and sharing it creates an experience.

And that is where I began, sharing my experience as a small boy in a big city. I know I’m growing old so I want to make now count, capture the details and relive that moment with whoever cares to follow.

then awesome happened

performing at #fatumasvoice event at pawa254

I had been working on a poetry piece as part of a writing workshop with Zukiswa Wanner and the events of that previous week had presented a moment to share it.
So I edited my draft of Sky above us on medium and reached out to Stella J. whose work I had been following, and asked if she would mind going through the draft. She was glad to and offered great pointers- not that I now write as cool as she does but the post was published next day (just a day after my first post.)

The post went on to get a dozen good reviews, performed at three events that week including an art exhibition and even got featured on Kenyan poet.
Now just to be clear, I am not fancied by the reception of the piece considering it was mainly in memory of all lost- the timing must have favored that.
However, it is the people and reviews that have made me a great deal glad to have shared the post. Knowing that my moment of expression extended to be relate-able with others.
It was felt and sharing it with others allowed it to be an experience on its own.

On to my forth week.
I am now following a writing prompt publication and the cooperative writing for ideas for my short stories, I hear one needs to keep writing or the good gods of the short stories will not be kind to you. They dish out writer’s block.
I am subscribed to the draft list and yes, I don’t mind other writers going through my work at least most times.

I think I am getting used to writing on here, I’m counting on having posts up as frequently as possible so you can keep making weekly sabbaticals here.
I am sure I’m having fun.