… how the right support allows teams to tackle gutsy goals

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Photo by VELOBAR+ on Unsplash

On the footsteps of the mythical Colle delle Fenestre, in the Italian alps, a rider, with the support of his team, would put on a masterful performance. He would put on a performance so daring, that the world of cycling would be left in disbelief. Riding on unpaved roads, as the last mounds of snow melt and spring transitions to summer, the rider, Chris Froome, on the verge of losing everything, would push beyond his limits, over a grueling 80 kilometer mountain time-trial, in one of the toughest races in cycling.

This did not happen by accident. The gods of cycling did not show up on this specific day to grant this specific rider super powers, … though that would have been majestic! …


Kelvin Spencer

Engineer, Writer @Heetch

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