We Do the Show. We do the Business. Then We Fall in Love…Which Screws Everything Up…

The artistic life is full of dire hazards and dark situations. Consider the trials faced by those talented fools who have taken on the challenge of being both a director and an actor. Sadly, conversations like this are not uncommon.

“So, what part did you have in mind?”

“Well, I was thinking that you’d look great as my wife…”

“Your wife! Don’t you think you’re moving a little fast?”

“Yes, no…I mean, you’d be great er…in the play I mean. As my wife.”

“So, you don’t really think I’d make a good wife.”

“Darling, I never meant that. I was simply speaking of the play.”

“Huh. That’s the problem with men these days. Always thinking of work.”

And so it goes, illustrating the tragedy played out during the casting process with each and every play. Well, let us move on shall we? Let us the consider the case of two former friends in the acting business, we’ll disguise their names to hide the fact that they don’t really exist.

The relationship in question started after the Hagar, the director, cast Helga, an actress, as his wife in a play. Soon after that they began seeing each other regularly, at rehearsals, cast meetings and such. Sadly, like so many others before them, they both fell in love with the other’s character.

However, they seemed to have trouble getting along off stage without a fifty person crew looking after them, writing lines for them to say to each other, prompting them with their lines, combing their hair for them and so on. That’s when they came to me for counseling. Well, to make a long story short, I hated to break the news to them…but the truth was simple…if Helga had to pretend to be somebody else in order for Hagar to love her, it was obvious that Hagar was actually in love with somebody else, not with Helga!

At first it was hard for them to accept but, eventually they both realized that falling in love with a fictional character does not show actual character. Happily, they both moved on to healthy off stage relationships with real people. Which made them happy and the tabloids even happier…so it was a win win situation all around.

I guess this little story about show business just goes to show , the healthiest relationship is with someone you appreciates you for who you really are, exactly in the beautiful way God made you…and sees you to be…