Weird Thoughts on Being Normal

Why would we want to be considered normal?

It is normal to turn on the tv and see loud and sensational coverage of the latest evil deeds while the world still has many people who quietly give of themselves for the good of their communities and never receive a word of recognition for it.

It is normal to honor entertainers as heroes for providing entertainment for an hour and a half while ignoring the heroic single mother who diligently works every single day to provide for and train up her children in the hope that they will someday be productive members of society.

It is normal to belittle people of a different skin color while ignoring the fact that a millimeter below the surface of our skin we are all the same color…when we’re wounded we bleed the same type of blood…we feel the same type of pain…the dull ache whispering inside that there must be something more…the vague awareness that we were made for a different world than the one we have created for ourselves…

Considering all the things that are considered normal…what if what this world really needs is people who are willing to be considered weird?

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