Early homophobia experience as a straight kid

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As a kid, I was constantly told not to be gay by my Mom. I was her only child and she saw me as the last hope to continue our family name. As if we were royalty. This was threatened because I was a really sweet kid.

It sounds harmless but little did I know that it would have a huge impact on my life.

I grew up in an environment where being “gay” is synonymous to weak and cowardliness. My mom sees it as a disease that I might catch growing up…

The real value of art, culture, and its makers.

A young barker at work. Credit: Miguel de Guzman, The STAR

“One more person and we are good to go! 21 seater here!”

Says the barker, whose main job is to shout his lungs out to attract riders in exchange of a penny.

It’s all fun and memes until someone gets hurt

M y curse started when I was still a fetus. My mom decided that her only child shall be named Kelvin, a fitting name for a doctor. Apparently, she was reading a book authored by a doctor with a similar name.

And so my journey into darkness begins.

When I heard this heartfelt story of how I was named, it felt like I was a calf pulled out of my mother’s womb and was immediately branded with a hot iron pressed on my ass, with the words “DOCTOR”. My future was…

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The challenge

A client asked me to replace their existing , which offers a teppanyaki experience. The client’s main concern is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so I decided to harness the power of a static generated site with Nuxt. I used Vuetify’s Material design framework and il8n to keep the site bilingual.

After a lot of googling, stack overflows and documentations, the site is deployed in Netlify. To save you a few clicks, here are the resources and basic steps which will help in creating your “nuxt” project.

Here is the . The complete code is on my .

The process

1. Install Nuxt with Veutify template


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One of the most non-coding related questions asked for computer nerds (like me) on the internet is all about self-doubt. And if you are still looking for an answer, I will save you some precious time from reading long paragraphs and click baits by answering the question in a dazzling italic bold quote to convince you even more.

“It is never too late to learn code”.
-every internet guru with glasses.

Now that we got that out the way, the reason why people keeps asking the question is simply that they are not motivated enough. I can tell you right…

Kelvin Fernando

Lost in art and coding.

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