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General promo activities
Dear Community,

in the last phase we have restructured our team to be more successful and sustainable in this business. The new poker game is in development and should be out within two weeks. If things work out as planed it will be a PvP poker game. But we need to be 100% sure that no bots will harvest our players using optimal strategy. Worst case the first release could be player vs contract.

In the meanwhile, we would like to encourage you guys to contribute to the project success in any means you can, that includes:

1. Introduce at least one (1) NEW person who is NOT involved at all in cryptocurrency to EOS POKER
2. Introduce at least one (1) person to EOS POKER who is already involved in cryptocurrency. You can use the step-by-step guide here
3. Introduce at least one (1) person to EOS POKER who is already hold EOS or even better-has an EOS account. 
4. Use your social media (Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, weibo, bihu, medium, reddit) by sharing your experience or advantages of EOS POKER (user experience, fair house, dividends, playing using strategy) must be in your post
5. Make a video on Youtube of EOS POKER wich explains the structure, tokenomics, values. If you also know a youtuber in the crypto space it is good
6. Find your favorite Crypto Group on facebook and let them know what do you like about EOS POKER
7. Play at least one game a day (even if it’s 0.1 EOS) to increase the visibility of EOS POKER on DappRaddar
8. Create the most original and nicest sticker of EOS POKER and use it while you are chatting in EOS communities
9. Inviting friends on our Telegram chat
10. Other supportive contributions

Please remember, all the activities will be rewarded on Christmas, please make a summary report with proof (screenshot of chats, videos, link of article, social media posts) to honey what have you done for the project. Any contribution will be evaluated and rewarded with poker tokens! Get you guys some poker tokens as Christmas present by promoting EOS Poker!

Despite the market is bad, our poker token and dividends have been stable. We aim to keep it so and grow it further.