Andelas first challenge:

Wow! what can i say..first,being an aspiring andelan is a big honour but honestly i didn’t think it’ll be this hard.(self laugh).The homestudy was pretty interesting and had lots of new things,coupled with the onsite interview i loved andela completely,i knew i had to prove myself and mostly i had to learn.The pivotal tracker has been a great instrument and it inspires me to come up with such a product scheduling and managing my time and showing the complexity and ease of every step that i take,beautiful project management software to say the least.

Just from my undergraduate course in mathematics and a problem solver,Corn green when it comes to front_end programming,then came challenge one easy at first,made my first UI(register) after going through a front end course on freecode camp,i was so happy then did my login UI which encouraged me,and the first challenge seemed done.Afterwards i decided to start the dashboard(still on it),honestly the amount of content to read on and the coupling of different classes and features plus the the time pressure.first thought; “I am in too deep but i have to learn and prove to myself plus andela that i can be a great developer”.Learning continues……

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