What kind of world are we living in?

Divisions penetrate our world. They exist in where we live, what we believe, what we do, how we think, where we look, who we admire. It is impossible to escape. Not just from the moment we awake in the morning, but the very moment we are brought into this world

“They are dragging humanity down.” “They are all that is wrong with society.” “Our life would be so much better without them.” “it is their fault.” Them… Them… Them… Them… But why? Why are they keeping us from achieving happiness and finding love?

Take a minute and look in a mirror, take a good long look. What looks back in the reflection? Confidence? Strength? Acceptance? Courage? No. The reflection is clouded, distorted, contorted. Each eye gazing back with a vision of something else, something uncomfortable and unsettling. A deep never ending conflict between who we are, who we want to be, and them. Keep them out. They have invaded your life, they have hurt you, and they will tirelessly work to bring you down.

Alas, them. They need an identity, they need a face. We need to identify them, so we can be happy.

But, there’s a problem…

It is you, and me, and us. We have created this. We are responsible. We have constructed a monster, a monster that lurks within us, fortifying our beliefs. Defenses are set up. Walls are constructed, protecting us from our fears, our insecurities, our hesitations, the unknown. We build vast fortifications that extend out of ourselves. They extend into our family, our friends, our lovers, and beyond. And the infection spreads, and consumes.

Our greatest battles are not fought with ships and planes. They are not fought between the red and the blue, between white and black. They are not fought between the north and the south, between the east and the west. The greatest battle of our time is the one we must face ourselves, each and every one of us. We must be strong, we must be resilient. Gaze into yourself and see the beast you have created, that is your enemy. That beast is the gatekeeper that must be confronted and defeated. Stop the blaming. Stop pointing fingers. Stop hanging onto the past. Stop creating boundaries. Stop building walls. Just stop. Let go of the pain, the fear. Just let go. Give it all away…

And by giving it away, you have it.

Any time you voluntarily give up this control, stop holding on, stop clinging to yourself, and an opportunity will appear. The flood gates will open. You now have an access to energy you never had before. Energy that was previously bound and chained down, used in self defense. Trying to manage things, trying to force things to conform to your will. The moment you stop doing that, stop always protecting yourself, that wasted energy becomes available. However if you, day after day, don’t trust anybody, working and working to keep everybody in line, working as the dictator, as if you were God, you lose everything. You lose. Your effort to defend yourself builds the walls, and creates the the divisions, and the person by person world becomes bound by the very fear we hold onto within ourselves.

But you must be strong, be courageous, fight the insecurity that time and time again has blinded you and paralyzes you from becoming more. Please, just for a second realize something. Realize, you better be willing to give it away, because there is nobody holding onto it. It’s just you. The meaning of the fact that everything is dissolving constantly, that the world is tearing itself apart and we are in the process of constant death, actually assists you. That decay, is your helper. You don’t have to let go, because there is nothing to hold onto, there was never anything, it was the manifestation of something you created.

And then you have it. You have the power. The shackles that have bound you for your entire life fall at your ankles and you can see yourself in a new light. You are able to love like never before, to be loved like never before. You open yourself to the opportunity to bridge the world together, instead of breaking it apart. You build and build and build, and others will follow. Others will be inspired not by where you came from, or what you have accomplished, or what you think, they will be inspired because you believe. You have the courage to believe in yourself. And you have the courage to believe in others. You believe that the world is more than just a collection of scared people. You believe that we are not victims of our past, we are just people, people like yourself, in a constant battle against the demons created inside. Demons that will inevitably meet their demise as they are released into the depths.

So please. Let it go. Open yourself up to the possibilities, to the energy that has been locked away. Let the energy flow through you into everything you do. Be apart of the change you want to see in yourself. Let the energy flow through you and into the world, bridging us back together.

And there it is. You have it.

You always have.