Platform, Not Employer:
Demid Potemkin

I didn’t read most of this because a lot of it is highly subjective nonsense based on an understanding of very little in the way of economics and labor institutions such as Social Security. One thing you fail to address is the fact that Social Security as a system is flawed and requires contributions by both companies and self-employed/contractors to continue funding the current beneficiaries. The so-called new class of worker you speak of isn’t going to materialize overnight with the problem of Social Security. You can’t stop paying into that. As a contractor a major cost then becomes your tax obligation as a SE worker which significantly cuts into your profitability.

Because of the poor economies of scale from being a single person producer of services you will ALWAYS find that in capital intensive industries the larger entities will have more leverage and greater resources to scale and simply “exist”. You really have no idea what kinds of people are in the “sharing” economy labor market you speak of since you operate from a position of privilege where you imagine in your fantasy that all these people are magically making money. The reality is very different. I don’t have time to educate you with facts and first person anecdotal evidence but your basis for your opinions are grounded in fantasy much like many of the so-called internet revolutions from the 1.0 generation of companies where capital flowed freely with no conception of profit or long term viability. The sharing economy will not go away, but once prices for labor and services adjust to reflect market realities (ie after the VC money runs dry) you will see the true market driven version of that economy and whether it can actually compete with organizations that have a more fundamentally sound strategy for pricing and managing resources.

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