The Story of My Addiction
Sunil Rajaraman

I think if you have truly stepped back enough to observe objectively the unhealthy experiences of your “addiction”, such as leaving your family to tend to business, suffering anxiety attacks, and so on, you would find that this kind of activity isn’t suitable for someone who wants to spend time with their family. Entrepreneurial activity is great and I get that you’re trying to express this “addiction” in an essay, but you probably should be more honest with yourself about how this lifestyle isn’t very healthy, and as your kids grow into real people you will need to think about how to balance a need to be healthy with a need to spend time on family while pursuing entrepreneurial activities. In general, not very venture needs funding, and I think in your case, your experience is evidence that it is often better as a young entrepreneur to find a series of more manageable goals than to shoot for the moon and repeatedly hit the ceiling. Not all of us can be lucky like Mark Zuckerberg.