Why I Feel Betrayed by Hillary Clinton’s Choice of VP and Ask You to Vote for Gary Johnson
Help Rout Corruption

While your passion and ideals are admirable, your awareness of politics seems naive. Consider this, why doesn’t your beloved Tom Perez become a Libertarian?

The grass is never greener on the other side. If you think you know something with conviction about a political position, ideology, or candidate, you’re better working within an effective political framework rather than relegate yourself to being idealistically irrelevant.

We know this about the election. If Trump wins we’re all doomed. Hillary may not be perfect but that’s the nature of politics and you should choose her because she’s the only viable option. You have to try and make as many people happy as possible with your hands tied to certain high influence stakeholders that have contributed towards securing your position of power. You can’t make everyone happy. Sorry, that’s life. If you want to go live in a hole in the ground, talking to yourself on Medium, trying to convince yourself of all the latest conspiracy theories you heard about the guv’mint then go ahead. The rest of us will keep our ideals in sight while keeping our sense of reality in check knowing well that any pretense to certainty is more likely an unintended embrace of ignorance. Life is filled with uncertain outcomes, and we can’t be right about everything since it would be arrogant to think that various complex issues like racism, cronyism, gun control, taxation, etc. are so easily resolved by a policy agenda. The end goal should be continuously making progress and I’m confident that the Libertarian agenda has achieved exactly zero progress in the many years in which they’ve existed.

You should check yourself before you wreck yourself. Seriously, libertarian? WTF. Do you even know what that entails? Limit rules, self regulate, less government. That’s the core idea. Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman would tell you that Libertarian ideology is as much of a fantasy as communism. Any decent free market economist will tell you that markets are most efficient in setting outcomes but markets are rarely efficient. The idea of libertarianism is like an oxymoron. In order to make a market truly free you have to make rules to regulate it but if you’re a libertarian you want to self-regulate, which in turn will allow those with more resources to influence outcomes and market-based decision. Choose to be relevant and operate within a framework in which your voice will be heard, even if you dislike the apparatus. Effective goal setting in politics is not about ideals but about pragmatism.

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