A quick look at how various frameworks renders UI on Android.

I work on the Android Studio team at Google and one of the tools I work on is Layout Inspector. …

A few weeks ago I was fixing a bug in Android Studio and came across the “android:process” tag. (I work at Google on the Android Studio team.) I knew the tag allows you to specify the process the android component will run on. However a lot of the finer details and reasoning behind Android processes was unknown to me. So I read up on it and wrote this article to share what I learned.

As always, I’m happy to be corrected on anything I’m misinformed about.

An overview on Android Processes

Android is based on linux so “the Android system starts a new Linux process for the application with a single thread of execution. By default, all components of the same application run in the same process and thread (called the “main” thread).” …


Kelvin Ma

Father/Engineer/(seldom)Gamer, website: kelvinhanma.com

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