A UX portfolio is essential to showcase your design process to potential clients or employers if you are looking for a job. Using Google Analytics can help you understand how your online portfolio is performing by understanding a few important KPIs.

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Before You Send Out Your Portfolio

If you search on google, there are so many articles out there about how to structure your portfolio and what to include. …

For the past three months, we have been working on a new UI design for Adigami. But before launching the new platform, we need a new landing page to match the new design.

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Adigami Current Landing Page

I saw this diagonal layout recently that I think would help showcase our new UI design with this eye-popping effect.

At first, I couldn’t find anything close to what I had in mind searching diagonal layout. Then I started trying other keywords until I remember talking to my friend about making a 2.5D (Two and a half dimensional) game last year:

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After looking at some of the illustrations, I found out isometric is the common way to describe this style. Here is how you can create isometric illustrations in Adobe Illustrator for your UI…


Kelvin Man

Product Designer @ Wethos

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