5 Questions to Ask Before You Start a Bathroom Refurbishment Project

Before you become overly eager to begin a bathroom makeover, be sure to ask yourself these important questions to ensure your home improvement project runs smoothly.

1. What is your budget?

Before you get too carried away, it is important to set a realistic budget with wiggle room, for any unplanned emergencies. By asking yourself this question, you can determine what your priorities are and what changes are less important. Don’t forget that bathroom refurbishment is not a small project and it is going to create a mess, which in turn requires builders waste removal service. Professional help is always welcome, especially if you lack the means to perform the clearing on your own.

2. What are your must haves? What are your wishlist items? Sometimes when we start thinking about remodelling a bathroom, we can get carried away. You cannot live without a sink, toilet or shower. Furthermore, there is also need for builders waste removal, as it was already mentioned.These should be discussed and considered first.

Then, if there is room left in the budget, you can think of your wishlist items, such as updated lighting, accent mirrors or other aesthetic touches.

3. What is the function of this bathroom? Different people have different needs and uses for a bathroom. Depending on size and location, it can be a spa-like experience or a simple, rushed place for grooming yourself in the morning.

Determining how you want your bathroom will help you plan out your ideas more clearly. Do you need more storage or space? How many people use it at the same time? It is questions like these that you need to ask yourself before you get the work done and hire a clearance company.

4. How much time do you have?

No matter the size of the bathroom, bathroom tiling or remodelling can take some time, especially if you have many changes on the go. Not only that, but there is also the time and effort it would take for builders clearance, which will clear out the leftover mess. Ensure that you have an alternate bathroom plan. If you have a second bathroom, that can help out, but what if there is only one bathroom in your household? Do not assume that a small bathroom can be done in just a few days, as there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than we are privy to.

5. A cosmetic change or a deeper fix?

Your budget will help determine this, but it is important to discuss whether you feel your bathroom needs surface level changes, or if you need to go a little deeper. If you are worried about out-dated plumbing or hidden problems that could prove costly in the long run, then a full gut may be more beneficial, if you have the room in your wallet. Do keep in mind the construction clearance service you will have to hire too.