Nutter Fort Primary Witch Hunt
Yvonne Loar

I have read this response with interest … Like everyone here I to reacted only to the short clip … I have to say I find it hard to agree with a defense based on the fact that one child with Autism shouldn’t be given any special allowances because of his condition and how any allowances would be detrimental to the other children within his group…. This is a serious lack of judgement because the basis of humanity is that the majority should help,encourage and support the minority ….. You should give more support to a child with SEN (Special Educational Needs) …. If your defense is that the Teacher removed the mic and stopped the child from saying something that he had been waiting in line to say , then this only makes her position weaker …. Anyone watching this clip who has Autism or SEN in there life , they will be able to witness the destruction of that young lads mind set …. He was devastated and regardless of the teachers academic qualifications … she got this wrong and a full public apology would settle this matter ….. Teach yourself and others , if you get it wrong …. stand up and say “ I’m Sorry “

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