I left the newspaper industry and become a digital marketer, this is why…..

@Vivendi Content

The future of newspapers is doom. This is what I believe and why i chose to leave the industry which i’ve been working so hard to develop my career path since university. Why ? While everyone is using a smartphone to get information, working in a print media seems to be living in an alternate universe…..yap, thanks to the internet. People no longer being fed by the traditional newspaper, instead, they will look for information over Google, Facebook instantly. So who would wait to read the outdated news on a printed paper?

I was a business & finance reporter, covered investment strategies and business weekly feature story. But I found that i can never know who’re my readers, how old are they? Male or female? Do they like my stories? How many people have read my stories? How can I make my story more interesting? I often asked myself these kinds of questions, but never got the answers.

So I decided to switch my career towards the digital marketing. I joined a startup which is quite well known as “Uber for logistics” in Hong Kong, and I started to develop my marketing career in this startup to gain the fundamental marketing knowledge in planning and executing the marketing campaign with a small team , such as offline events, social media campaign, send out emails to the riders about product update and promotion offers.

Sometimes, we aimed for number of shares on Facebook, sometimes we wanted to increase number of app downloads and sales. However, we always had questions about why we doing this? What’s the difference after doing this? Even thought the number of sales keep growing rapidly, we still don’t know what should we keep doing or what we shouldn’t do again?

So I started exploring digital marketing courses to help me find out those answers. Before starting my Nanodegree in Udacity, I subscribed many courses on Udemy and. I watched many videos about Google Adwords, Google Analytic etc. But those online videos doesn’t seems answering the questions of “why” or “what” in our marketing strategy. So one of my computer engineer colleague recommend Udacity to me when he finished his machine learning nanodegree. I was very impressed that the Udacity is providing the very advanced and highly relevant industry knowledge in a on-demand basis (which is a big advantage compare to Squared Online, a digital marketing course designed by Google). And of course, I considered the cost as well, I took a big part into account that they were offering a limited-time $300 discount for the Digital Marketing Nanodegree and that convinced me to enroll the course quickly.

I wonder how long does it takes for you to decide to enroll a $699 USD online course? For me it only took me few days to decide that (Udacity did a good job on the limited-time offer), please leave a comment and feel free to share your experience.