Sport Betting — An Investment Opportunity Better than Stock

Discover How to become Successful in Sport Betting

While many people often attempt to give a bad name to sport betting, it is however, not much different from investing in stocks or even in trading forex. While many people will argue against this assertion, nevertheless, the similarities between both of them cannot be ignored. Both of them require risk taking with a view to making profit.

Taking a look at Larry Alton comparaisons:

Activity A. In this activity, you risk money on a real-life outcome that you can’t control. If the outcome is favorable, you benefit. If the outcome is unfavorable, you lose money.

Activity B. In this activity, you study trends and risk money in hopes of profiting from a positive outcome. If you’re wrong, you lose money. If you’re right, you earn a healthy return

Would you be able to distinguish to activity A or activity B as referring to Investing in Stock or Investing in Sport Betting? We will all agree (if we are truthful) that any of the activities soundly define both types of investment.

As argued by Larry Alton, “Whereas stock brokers have developed a skill for picking which stocks will succeed in the long run, handicappers make a living out of offering picks and analyzing odds. Both investing and sports betting has created a number of specialized industries.”

Even investing in sport betting and trading forex essentially involves the same skill and risk according to

A serious analysis of both types of investment will reveal that investing in sport betting is a better option than investing in stock for a number of reasons.

When investing in sport betting, you don’t have the fear of waking up one morning to discover that your portfolio has been wiped out because of external market forces that were well beyond your control as seen in many stock market crashes which led many investors to committing suicide.

In sport betting, you don’t lose money when you don’t make any wager, no matter the result of sport games. You don’t get punished for a decision you don’t make or because of economic or political crisis.

Even when comparing ROI, a 7% return from the stock market is what should be expected, according to the greatest investor of the 20th century — Warren Buffet. However, in sport betting, a 7% return on investment in one year will make any professional investor laugh out loud in absurdity.

Consequently, contrary to the accepted belief, investing in sports betting is a much safer play than investing in the stock market if approached with an investor’s viewpoint.

A Look At Some Betting Statistics

Whether you believe it or not, more people are involved in sport betting than some will tend to believe. Consider the following betting statistics:

▪ About $2.57 billion was gambled in 2008 in Nevada’s legal sports books.

▪ Approximately 380 billion is bet through offshore books or with bookies each year.

▪ According to survey conducted by ESPN, 118 million Americans gambled on sports in some manner in 2008.

▪ 30 percent of college athletes bet on sports, and 4 percent bet on their own games. About 67 percent of all college students bet on sports.

▪ Sports betting is second to poker in popularity of gambling games among college students.

▪ About 23 percent of all adults bet on sports. Approximately 33 percent of all American men say they gamble on sports, according to the Pew Research Center.

▪ A recent survey showed that 44 percent of 12th-grade males said they had bet on sports at least once.

▪ Recent polls show 42 percent of Americans would support legal sports betting in all states; sports fans supported legalized sports betting by 55 percent.

▪ If legalized, sports betting would generated an estimated $10 billion per year and $100 million in taxes per state.

Most sports bettors lose for many reasons. This is a generally accepted fact among the majority of people. Though this does not mean that people lose every single wager they make, it only signifies that they lose more than they win which eventually makes their overall result a losing one. Consider the statistics below.

According to the Statistics Portal, “The gross win of the global gambling industry is estimated at more than 400 billion U.S. dollars by H2 Gambling Capital. Gross wins from gambling represents the amount of money the gambling operation keeps from the customer’s stakes, wagers, bets, etc. less the winning paid out to the customer and before deducting operating expenses…”

The bolded statement above indicates that, gambling houses make a lot of money, even after paying winnings. This once again confirms that the majority of people lose money in sport betting, as well as other gambling activities.

How to Be Successful In Sport Betting

To be successful in sport betting, you must treat it as you would any other investment. There are lots of people who earn a living by making profits from sport betting. It’s equally a fact that, there are people who have created extreme wealth for themselves through betting successfully in sports.

With Donald Trump set to be sworn in as the new President of the Unites States of America, the chance of online betting being legalized is increasing. This is the right time to start considering sport betting as an investment option because of its capacity to yield a good ROI.

Betting on sport can be a very effective way to earn a living and live the good life as evidence by a list of successful bettors who are living the life.

What set successful bettors apart from the majority of losers? They are smart, work ahead and make use of social betting and prediction platforms like mockz is an upcoming Online Platform that aims to revolutionize sports betting by creating a system that will eliminate fraudulent handicappers and create a platform where people can follow experienced and top handicappers to increase their winning percentage by looking at where they are placing their wagers, or use the Mocks consensus to observe what the crowd is saying., a new online destination for social sports betting and competition will be launched in spring 2017. The website is being designed to free the sports betting enthusiasts around the world from the clutches of the betting touts that charge heavily for tips that often end up on the losing side.

The ultimate goal of the site will be for users to find successful bettors and use their data for their own use. The site will help users:

▪ Track their Performance

▪ Find Experts they Can Trust

▪ Become more Profitable

▪ Compete for Prizes

The Mockz betting platform will cater to every type of sports fan, from the amateur who nonchalantly enjoys sports, to the diehards who regularly washes the paint off their face with their own tears after a big loss.

With its free virtual currency, users of the site will be able to place fantasy wagers with totally zero financial risk. Track all their bets with Mockz proprietary Pick Tracker and have a full-unrestricted look into their own history, as well as their peers.

There’s a lot you must learn to make money on sport betting and with a Mockz innovative betting platform, you have the opportunity, not only to learn, but also, to observe where top sport betting experts place their bets so you can follow their lead to place your own bet.

Using the Mockz platform as your betting guide is the best way to approach sport betting in 2017, with a view to consistently earns additional income from sport betting.

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