How to recover Apple AirPort Password?

Apple AirPort users have this common issue of the lost or forgotten password. You can recover your password easily through the default one so there is no need to worry. It can be recovered using the default username and password provided in every router. Then, follow the password recovery process by stepwise instructions to avoid any technical error occurred in between such as failing to start or crashing due to a small mistake. Here, the stepwise instructions are provided to recover the Apple AirPort easily and if you face any issue then you can contact our Technical experts.

Methods to recover your Apple AirPort Password

Method 1: Users first need to visit their Mac Administrator Account. Then click on Applications and select Utilities. Next, you have to click on Keychain Access and check the networks by using the search box. Then double click on Apple AirPort icon and select the option of Show Password to know the password credentials. Now just enter the Administrator password and press the Allow option. Finally, users can write or save their password for future reference. Close the Keychain by doing Uncheck the check box when you are finished.

Method 2: users can also recover the Apple AirPort password by using AirPort Utility. You just have to run the Apple Airport utility and then select the Apple AirPort base station. Then, click on the Edit option and select the base station from the menu of Apple AirPort Utility. Just click on Show Password option to retrieve the password and you are done.

Method 3: Go the option of Apple AirPort Utility and select the base station. Then click on the Advanced option. Now click on the Show Password to note it down.

Forgotten or lost password can be retrieved by:

• Restore factory settings: for default factory reset, first, disconnect the base station from the power supply. Now press and hold the reset button with a paperclip. After holding the reset button for 5 seconds, plug the router. When you see the light indication is there, release the button and it will reset your device instantly.

• Soft Reset: Security is disabled for a while when you soft reset and then people can modify the password so that people join the network after making changes. If you are unable doing so for 5 minutes, the former settings will be reverted.

Call Apple AirPort Customer Support for Online assistance

Feel free to call us if you are unable to recover your password for some reason or facing any error doing the methods provided. We have the Technical team of experts who are proficient in handling these issues who can be contacted via Apple AirPort Customer Support Toll-free Helpline Number.


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