Lee Kuan Yew passed away today.
Zhuang Xinyu

Nice to read about views from one who has personal links to Operation Spectrum through his aunt.

Operation Spectrum is a topic that will polarize those from Gen X. The large majority are those who choose not to ask any deep questions and just accept the “mainstream” view that these people were out to subvert the system and thus need to be put down.

I think, upon reflection, if I put myself in their shoes, I think I can empathize with their basic belief. To sum it up:

“I don’t have all the information that LKY has then. But he is someone that I deeply respect and trust and, in a sense, someone whom I would love to become.

Because of that, if I had the same information as he had during 1987–88, I am confident I would have made the same decision as him, which is to jail these people without trial.”

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