2016-The Year of Live Streaming ..Ready, set you are live ! #periscope #blab #meerkat #snapchat

Update : ..big news Peri Goes Live to Twitter

2016 in #social is off with a bang ! Live streaming and video are sizzling in my social world right now and I am working on ways to maximize them for my clients. The Periscopers are about to have their first Periscope Summit ( unofficial not Twitter endorsed) but it is going to be massive . The enthusiasm for this medium about one year old continues unabated. We have now moved into an era of what I consider, confidence booster mediums, new way to pitch yourself and your business like never before. They all come with a simple bit of advice, “be yourself”.

Blab which is still in beta is gaining followers fast including the infamous Martin Shkreli sitting in his home office chatting live with 3 other contributors. Discussing topics labeled “random” . “business” or “tech” , You want to start a discussion ? go ahead and get started.

Facebook Live is still working its way to full potential for all users. This paid Live option which started with celebrities has large potential for businesses using Facebook this year.

Meerkat , Snapchat and a few others in Beta continue to push YouTube to move to another level.

After testing Periscope the last few weeks, I am still working on my Peri personality. Being you is not as easy as you think. You need to be organized, and have bullet points. Preparation is key. If you have a business, trying to pitch your wares in a “casual” “understated” manner requires discipline. Scopers hate obvious pitchers so this is about being your “authentic” self. I like the fact that I am early to the party for Blab and Periscope, I can be myself, make mistakes and watch the mediums grow. And they are growing, top names in the social world are moving into Blab very quickly, Google+ goodbye, here comes Blab.

What about you ? Have you tried any of the live mediums yet? Do you have a favourite ? Please share your thoughts !

Thank you for reading and contributing !

Debra Gibson-Welch is a web designer and marketer working in Atlanta, GA. To contact her EMail , DEEG Consulting