HACKend With Indie!

This is going to be a rather short article. I wouldn’t even call it an article but rather a Public Service Announcement. Well anyways, I’ve received tons of inquiries in the last 3 months regarding the monetization of bots. On a daily basis, I’ll likely receive 10 pitches from indie developers looking to either get their hands on our tech or have my team build a bot for them.

In all honesty, my company has yet to build a cost effective solution for smaller clients. So asking us to build a bot that we are charging our current (& much larger) clients $60,000 + a 50/50 split in revenue isn’t going to give you the answer you're hoping to hear. In our defense, we always thought that our technology would be better utilized by larger companies & brands with major followings since the business revolves around user submitted content. As a result, our pricing structure reflected our target demographic of customers, the big guys.

What About the Little Guys?

However, we do understand that indie bot developers want in! As a result, my team & I have set aside this weekend to experiment with monetizing bots for brands & pages of all sizes in different sectors. However, this weekend really only comprises of today and Sunday for us so we only have time to work & successfully monetize 5 bots.

Pitch your bot or idea for a bot here : m.me/kemar.darlington & we’ll select the Top 5 bots & apply our wizardry to monetize them. This will be a learning experience for my team but why not make some of you guys some money while learning? The cost of your bot if selected? $100, a meager 60,000 percent drop in price 😂 This should be fun & a heart attack for our investors!

Note : This would of been free but we (a team of 8) have to at least pretend like we spent precious time making money this weekend.

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