Why Learn Programming? Is It Worthy a Venture?

In the last eight years, i got chance to use a computer for the very first time and this left me fascinated, i was astonished by the way it communicates because to me “it seemed a mystery”. Later, i also noticed the same with a phone specifically how the apps installed on it work thus i kept looking forward to discover the logic. I then become very adventurous but “where to start” was an obstacle for some time, until i decided to offer a computer related course hoping i will find this logic behind a computer and a phone.

It is interesting that “Where to start” in most cases depends on where you want to be!

At the beginning of 2016, i found out from my lecturer who taught us “programming concepts” (in my first year at campus) that there is this venture called “programming”. I felt i needed to study hard and practice so that i will apply as a developer one day. Programming was new, exciting, and difficult to me because it looked like it involved the risk of failure, due to the fact that I would not understand the code during my first experience, i never gave up! I started to agree with the notion people have that some people are just ‘gifted for coding’,

though it’s simply not true if you don’t practice thus the only way you’ll ever be a great programmer is by practice.A gift remains a gift if you realize it.

Enjoying moments of code

I am learning programming because i want to be a software developer who will find solutions for every kind of problem through software and many applications, also to see a computer function as a human being in the generation to come. Am impressed by the far technology has taken us with programming! In the banking sector,people are banking online,using ATM cards ,mobile apps among others, in the transport sector, a person does not have to walk by the road side to board a taxi or ‘boda’ because all you need is an app for Uber,Taxify,Safe boda to mention but a few, one can also purchase of airtime from his mobile money account, online shopping among other examples. Different people and organizations have websites.Thus am encouraged to find out more i can do to make life better with tech.

I have to keep passionate about programming for me to reach this far, being passionate is the most important treasure that keeps a programmer pressing on.And everything else will fall into place.

Finally, there is need to fall in love with code. You need to eat, breathe and sleep code. Only when you develop an obsession with it will you become the awesome developer you always wanted to see yourself as. Best of luck.