Andela Bootcamp Day Two

The second day of Andela Bootcamp, a day unique in the sense that new things done independently after an introduction on the first day. Seem too much for such as day marked by learning the platforms involved in the journey to the success of the home work.

The day is to me was faced by differing challenges ranging from lack sufficient internet, power loss and environment setups especially where invitations were required and didn’t have the knowledge. The moments I got on the day to interact with trello and Andela open slack gave an insight though minimal at first instance but helpful as the day progressed.

The day came to a close without meeting the target not only on the set assignments but also in accessing some of the key sites required for the completion, i.e Andela labs.

I had waited the day with eagerness since I was uncertain on what it entails having not been in any Andela bootcamp before. It came with a couple of new things and though they had not proved difficult, it ended with minimal hope of meeting the targets of the home work as an individual.

The day generally ended with minimal activity in terms of work but more on getting to know how things are done and following up on discussions by fellow group members.