I don’t know if you are looking for advice, so if this is unwelcome you can ignore or blow off as…
Siobhan O'leary

Your advice is always welcome and appreciated. It was helpful for me to read what you wrote here.

Early in this process, I used a similar method to overcome my discomfort with the transgender label. Basically, I put the label aside and focused on whether any individual action improved how I felt. Hormones? Yes. Dresses? No. Pronouns? No. Etc. I wasn’t able to call myself trans until about 4 months into hormone therapy.

I think I need to learn from that experience and do pretty much what you outlined here: forget labels for the moment and focus on feeling better. I can revisit the woman label in the future if I need to.

It’s tricky though, especially in support groups or with trans friends, to talk about being trans but not being a woman. It can invalidate others’ experiences if not done carefully, like they may hear it as me not believing they are women either.

Anyways, thank you again for your support. It really helps.

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