A Post Of My Specialty Dishes

One of my interests is cooking. I started to cook when I was in college. I rent an apartment near my college but there was far away from my home. I didn’t like eating outside every time, so I started to learn cooking. I always ate a meal by myself that I couldn’t cook so much dishes for a meal. Therefore, I learned some single dish like cooking pasta, curry and potato stew. Pasta is my favorite and specialty dish because making pasta is easy and didn’t spent me a lot of time. I always making the pasta with tomato meat sauce or with cheese in cream sauce, and I like to add some spices on it. Now, I still like making the pasta for my children because I can add each nutritional ingredients on the pasta like meats, carrots, corns and onions. It is extremely delicious and both of my children loved it, and I do, too.

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