Fairness Between Couples in Family

My son is washing his underpants which stained with a little shit

Yesterday, I was quarrelling with my husband about how he seldom initiative to do the household chores. We had been discussed many times why he’s always passive when it comes to doing the household chores. He always promised me that he’d do the housework which I had asked him to do, but he always forgets. And when I remind him, he always says “ I was tired.” while playing games online.

I was very angry at him and I felt it was unfair that he was not sharing in responsibilities.

“Why do wives have to do almost 90% of the household chores?”

I think the housework should be shared by every member of the family and every member has the responsibility contribute to the family to become more happier. So, I believe every husband should share in the housework. I think a husband should do the housework because it is his duty to the family, and it should not be considered as “helping his wife”.

I always do household chores with my children on the weekends even though they are just two and four years old. I distribute simple housework such as vacuuming the floor, cleaning the table and folding their clothes to my children. I hope my children can build a habit of doing household chores and become tidy people who are responsible in their lives.

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