The first time taking children to the swimming pool

Summer vacation was started. I took my two children to swimming pool this morning. This is the first time I took both of them to swim in swimming pool.

The depth of water is 80 cm, before we into the pool, we warm up first, then I took my son into the pool slowly, although this is his first time to the swimming pool (I had took him in the swimming pool when he was baby) but he was afraid to step on the pool floor because the water is arriving his neck and he never met depth water as high as that. My daughter is afraid too. She always hangs on my body because she afraid that she fell into the water. I encouraged them don’t be afraid of the water, take it easy and you can try to kick the water.

After a while, they adapted to the water and didn’t afraid anymore. Then they start to enjoy the water and have fun. My son finally stepped on the swimming pool floor and he was excited to tell me “Mom, look me, I can step on the swimming pool floor”. And I told him “Woo, you have learned a new skill”. In the meanwhile, my daughter asked me to hold she in the water and felt happy because when she floating on the water and she felt she was like a fish swimming in the pool.

Swimming is the best sport I like. I was enjoy today and I’m happy for that my children can try something they had never do. When we on the went home, both of my children told me “Mom, I will go to swimming pool next time.”

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