We are killers, exploiters, stoppers, and bunch of naysayers who don’t want you to realize your dreams.

We are society of killers: we kill not people but dreams of those who dare to chase them, we consist of “stoppers”:we give you reasons to stop trying, we never give you a reason to chase your dreams, we are bunch of stalkers, we follow you everywhere, we go through your stuffs, we always want to know what you are up to. We are keen at hearing your failures and downfalls. We are exploiters, we exploit your niceness, take your goodness for a weakness, we use you and throw you into gutters. We are laughers, we laugh at you for trying something new, especially when you fail and yet we cry when we are alone. We know a lot, and we say a lot but most of what we say is about you and how you should leave your live because we don’t have a clue, how to live our own lives. We are scared to chase anything that worth chasing. We are the unknown knowns, oh yes we know the unknowns: we know your limitations, your weirdness. We don’t have a clue of most of what we say but we think we know it anyway.
We make liars, we force those who are truthful to lie about themselves, for them to be cool in the eye of the society. We discourage aspiring action-takers. We are classifiers, we consider ourselves the chief judges, we see some(people) cool, some weird and some just a nerd. Oh yes, we are pointers, we are freaking good at pointing fingers, we rebuke you for your mistakes and challenges, we even blame you for our circumstances. We are good at giving excuses, this is why that is why…. 
We are amorphous, we appear in different shapes and forms. We are omnipresent: we are and have been to everywhere, the-know-it-all, We are Galaxy S7, some of us are edges, we appear to be cool but the truth is we explode dreams, if you see us run away like hell, do not listen to us, do not be exploit by us, you know what we are just bunch of clueless people, full of fear, and we want you to be afraid, to be just like us, to be stagnant, to be narrow-minded and ultimately become a failure.

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